Veröffentlicht: 11.04.2018 16:47
Aktualisiert: 11.04.2018 16:51
Kategorie: Dies & Das
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Sitting here dreaming far away Dreaming from worlds where life is okay. Daydream was a little escape from reality but since I met you I'm feeling absolutely free. There's nothing to hold mi back Life got new colours not only grey an black Don't know how to describe this situation, not sure if you're only a little complication. But it feels like much more than this Me without you is like an ocean without fish Boring, cold and grey But you're here so hey . Let's make memorys, let's have fun You're smile shines so bright you're my little own sun. There's something in the way that you always see the pretty view.. You're a daydream that come true.


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