One of the stories my mom likes to tell me about my childhood is about me sitting on our garden bench, in my own little world as a quiet five-year-old and asking her “why am I me”. Their ...
pianizza, 07.12.2022 8:40, Dies & Das
There's nothing I can do,
everything's commented,
by them and by you.
There's a way to stop,
but I won't choose this way.
I won't give up,
I ...
Schreibengelchen Mimi, 25.03.2015 15:12, Dies & Das
I can't say a word,
I can't make a move,
I can't shake my head,
without you'll know.
You'll notice,
you'll laugh,
you'll tell everybody ...
Schreibengelchen Mimi, 24.03.2015 22:22, Dies & Das
Always remember,
you live your life for you.
It’s your life.
It’s what you do.
You should try to be ...